Giant Schnoodles are unlike other types of doodles that are widely bred, like Bernedoodle puppies and Goldendoodles.

The development of the the Giant Schnauzer incorporated several larger breeds, including the Standard Poodle; It’s quite logical to breed back to emphasize those gentle, affectionate, intelligent traits.
We chose Rocky as Liesel’s mate as the gentle giant, so smart and so, so smart. He is a Standard Poodle with great bloodlines to match. His vibrant color and structure made him a perfect mate for Leisel's first litter.
Liesel is an AKC Registered Giant Schnauzer with numerous show champions in her pedigree. She easily assimilated with her canine sisters and quickly became the class clown. Never one to bark without reason, let’s just say our home is secure with her guarding our family. First to retrieve a ball or frisbee, she keeps going when the kids are exhausted!
Liesel's Puppies
Liesel’s first litter was born January 23rd and will be ready to meet their new families the last week in March. First deposits hold choosing order.
Perfect Genetics
  • AKC Registered Giant Schnauzer
  • Veterinarian owned, every possible health concern has been addressed…
  • OFA certified hips and elbows
  • Heart and Retinas are certified
  • Genetically tested free of every currently recognizable malady.
Extraordinary Results

Liesel has 9 babies: 6 males and 3 females – all are available at this time. Health testings, certifications and guarantees come with a fair price. Place your $500 deposit to hold your place in que! Males are $2250 and females are $2500. Pictures will be updated weekly!

About Us
Liesel is not a puppy mill, but a member of our family. Regardless of what other websites claim, any “kennel” that sells more than one breed, especially if located in the Midwest, raises suspicions of a puppy mill, run like a factory As a veterinarian, I would never breed my girl on consecutive cycles, and think this borders on cruelty. When you choose your puppy, do yourself a favor and take every possible health precaution to avoid genetic and developmental heartbreak. I’ve taken every possible health precaution to ensure you have the finest, healthiest pup available.
Why A Doodle Dog
Many F-1 “doodle” type dogs are not non-shedding or hypoallergenic – unless bred back to get more and more poodle. We feel if you wanted that much poodle, you’d just get a poodle – nothing wrong with that, but these certainly are not poodles. Giant Schnauzers also do not shed, and so this as the non-poodle parent may be a bit better fit for the family prone to allergies or simply tired of vaccuming up hair.
Meet our Puppies!